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Crypto Commission is a team of independent industry experts and professionals that deals with different cryptocurrency cases on every day basis. Our dispute resolution commission can help resolve any dispute and provide professional consultation for most issues possible. Today, we can boast of more than 25 years of experience and successful dispute resolution practices for both traders and brokers.

While being a completely independent organization, Crypto Commission is recognized as a specialist team, striving to create an open, educational and effective space for brokers and traders. Our interest is to provide knowledge, generate clear responses, give instructions, and expand community awareness.

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Genetic-crypto – What is Wrong with the Broker?

With so many problems that you find in Genetic-crypto, you can see that it is not a broker that you should trust or use for any trading activities.

Green Time Investment – The Disturbing Issues with the Broker

These disturbing issues make it apparent that Green Time Investment is a scam brokerage that you need to reject right away.

ImportCapital – The Issues with the Broker

The issues that you discover when you check ImportCapital thoroughly indicate that this broker should be avoided.

Traders School

Our knowledge library of information and services is developed specifically for those, who only start their trading career and for those, who want to increase their awareness. Learn to trade from scratch with us.

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